Extra Credit

Suggested Improvements to the course

To make this move along faster, especially considering that most of the students in this course have chosen a structural concentration, an short E-Quest tutorial/ demonstration would be very helpful.

The course requirement under the drawings section emphasized the need of vertical HVAC layouts, but did not mention horizontal. I believe horizontal layout is as important as vertical, and should be required.

Generally, in the ‘real world’, electrical lighting layout is complete by the architect, and then HVAC layout is made to work around it. Lighting contributes a lot to the aesthetics of the space, and cannot be compromised by a random placement of ceiling components. This aspect should be stressed.

Innovative Systems

The most practical innovative system, which should be suggested is the geothermal system. Restaurants have large parking lots allowing for ample space of geothermal borings. Also, window and louver design should concentrate to allow for a maximum  amount of natural ventilation (so called passive ventilation). This way energy could be conserved and fresh air allowed into the building.

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