HVAC Drawings

HVAC Layout Plan

The HVAC Layout plan indicates the basic HVAC systems layout. The AC Units are placed on the roof (not shown in this plan) above the boiler room (North west corner) and above the toilets (West side of the building). Also, the Heat furnaces are located in the boiler room accessible from the back side of the building. This layout plan indicates the duct sizes and diffuser output values in CFM, which are based on the calculations described in the HVAC Component Sizes section.Ducts are depicted to scale.

HVAC Single Line Diagram

Sheet A102 shows a single line duct layout a preferred and requested by many engineers. Duct sizes as well as diffuse output values are indicated on this schematic duct layout.

Reflected Ceiling Plan

Sheet A103 shows are reflected ceiling plan to indicate supply and return diffuser layout. This plan is to be primarily used by the electrical and fire protection engineers as a references in creating lighting and sprinkler layouts. The electrical and fire protection engineers are to coordinate with HVAC designers should any diffuser need to be relocated.

HVAC Building Sections

There are three sections cut through the strategic areas of the building. These sections were cut to indicate vertical clearances in the interstitial space as well as the different elevations of the ducts. Vertical duct routing from both furnace and AC units are shown. Dimensions of vertical heights from Floor to Ceiling and ceiling to underside of the roof are indicated. Main duct run sizes are called out.

3D Visualization Reference Drawings

The following 3D reference drawings are to be used by all engineers and a client as a guide in further design decision making.

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